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AHCCCS Application Assistor Services

SMC recently completed AHCCCS training for our AHCCCS Site Administrator, and have begun training our Lead Clinician to also be an Application Assistor! This will ensure both staff will be able to help current and incoming clients with applying for AHCCCS, checking on their insurance, application status, perform insurance verifications, and even get in depth info regarding food benefits so that clients are more prepared for their in person application. Our goal is to set our clients up for success!

We even got a few clients put onto our GOSUDS grant, which allows clients who don’t qualify for AHCCCS and are over/under insured to get put onto this grant – receiving a scholarship for our services! This is yet another way SMC has opened the doors to even more clients and people in need. We look forward to spreading awareness about our services and implementing more strategies to make services more widely available in our communities. Stay tuned for more great things to come from SMC!

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